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Give Your Life Flow

My name is Marlies Terstegge and " Flow in your Life" is my website. I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, writer and photographer. By highlighting flow & inspiration in my practice, I help people achieve happiness in their lives. Besides individual flow coaching, I offer courses and lectures on flow and happiness.

In my book, "Give Your Life Flow", I show how I work with my clients. This publication, with its many questionnaires and assignments, is also useful as a personal workbook. Many people have found it inspiring; it is now in its fifth edition and some 10,000 copies have been published in Dutch. The book has also been translated into French and German and is available in eight countries and from Amazon and iTunes.

My photography features images of my city, The Hague, as well as animals, mountain landscapes and seascapes. These images have been reproduced as greeting cards and postcards and will soon be available as prints under the title Flowlife.


Geef flow aan je leven - Marlies Terstegge